Dordrecht (NL), 1972

Elizabeth Alderliesten is a Dutch photography-based artist. As global citizen she currently lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

FRESH EYES Photo selected her as one of the 100 best emerging photography talents in Europe of 2020, she is featured on one of the four covers of the yearbook. She is also included in GUP New Photo Talent yearbook 2020. Her first solo exhibition has been postponed due to Covid-19.

This year she is participating in a workshop with Dirk Braeckman and Brad Feuerhelm in Athens. From 2020 until 2022 she attended Le Masterklass with Klavdij Sluban in Paris. In 2019 she followed an Expert Program with Machiel Botman in Amsterdam. She graduated from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in 2019. Elizabeth lives and works in the Netherlands. 

In her photographs, she explores and researches the complexity of the woman and her dual nature. In today's modern society with its many demands, she is often shaped by external expectations, by her surroundings or by events from the past. As a result, she tends to hide and enclose herself in her desired environment. For Elizabeth, the ability to adapt when it comes to social interactions means a constant metamorphosis of human existence. Reconnecting with a woman's instinctive nature is an ongoing quest; to reveal or conceal, without darkness no light and vice versa. In her photographs, she uses her subjects to aesthetically depict this process of constant change and adaptation.

Her photos are images in themselves rather than images of something. Each image is contained within itself, creating its own time and space. She sees them as free and poetic visual rhymes that may elicit stories in the viewer’s imagination. The transition from one moment to the next in which the viewer uses his fantasy to feel what the next moment will be.

Time is an important factor in her images, but also in her work process. The delay that occurs by mostly shooting images analog, but also the magic the process evokes. Moments of imaginative transformation in which no action takes place.

In an intuitive way she collect images, mostly on analog film. The negative is her starting point from which she shapes her images. The real interpretation of the image takes place during printing in the darkroom or while  manipulating the digitised negative on the screen.

Combining old and new processes stimulates her to research more deeply. Materiality within that plays an important role.


2022 - 2023   Photobook Workshop Nearest Truth, Neu Ulm (DE), Istanbul (TR), Athens (GR)

2022               Workshop with Dirk Braeckman and Brad Feuerhelm, Athens (GR)

2020 - 2022   Le Masterklass with Klavdij Sluban, Paris (FR)

2019 - 2020   Expert program with Machiel Botman, Amsterdam (NL)

2014 - 2019   Photo Academy, Amsterdam (NL)


2021    WANDER - Studio Evelijn Ferwerda - Haarlem

2021    GLUE - Thomstudio - Amsterdam

2020   FRESH EYES Photo - Westergas - Amsterdam

2020   WANDER - Galerie KRUIS-WEG68 - Haarlem (Solo) - Postponed - 

2019   GUP New Photo talent 2020 - Westergas - Amsterdam

2019   Kunstlijn Haarlem - Zocherlounge - Bloemendaal

2019   SEE ME - Zocher Lounge - Bloemendaal

2019   Podium MH - Museum Hilversum - Hilversum

2019   Expo.Fos - Loods 6 - Amsterdam

2019   Ode aan het analoge - Kunstkapel - Amsterdam

2018   James Joyce Festival - Oosterkerk - Amsterdam

2018    Pop-up Gallery - Bloemendaal

2018    Open Atelier - Santpoort Zuid

2017    KKB Fiore - Castellvm Aqvae - Bloemendaal

2017    KKB Fiore - Buitenplaats Leyduin - Vogelenzang

2017   Zomerfestival - IJmuiden

2017   Het Oog - Fotoacademie - Amsterdam


2021   Haute Photographie Talent

2020   FRESH EYES Photo Talent, Cover

2020   GUP New Photo Talent


2019   Podium MH - Museum Hilversum - Hilversum


2019   About Beauty - Inktjet printed, Handbound, 58 pages, 297 x 268mm, 2 copies

2018   Aging - Inktjet printed, Handbound, 48 pages, 297 x 217mm, 1 copy

2017   Wie ze is - Inktjet printed, Handbound, 46 pages, 297 x 219mm, 1 copy


2021    FRESH EYES stories

2020   FRESH EYES Photo Talent / Cover

2020   GUP New Photo Talent

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