I Remember Who I Once Was

At some point I woke up and felt in everything that I have become alienated from myself. Do I leave it that way out of fear or do I dare to explore my hidden self? The beginning of a transformation, allowing me to reconnect with my original self. A shift in my consciousness. Shifting my attention from the outer world to my inner world.

Going back inside to find my inner silence, which is the place where I can be myself and feel whole, calm and balanced. By connecting with my inner self, I recharge. This can be anywhere, it is not a physical place and is independent of time and space. I take the time and make the time to go back to my inner place where I feel protected and safe. Detached from the outside world and its demands.

Within us is the power to grow into who we once were. Reclaiming that power is a struggle. Letting go of who I was taught to be and coming to who I really am. It is like being born again, the birth of my new self and at the same time my old self dies. With that, I regain my freedom. I am reconnected to my instinctive nature, my wild self.

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